Monday, January 3, 2011

She's Only Happy in the Sun

Ever since I can remember my family has been getting up at 7am on January 2nd to make reservations for Leo Carrillo. We've been going since I was 6 or 7. When we were little we would go in June, July, and August. Now that my cousins and I are all grown we go in July and August, and Danny and I have started a new tradition of going in September! This year I had to make the reservations so I woke up at 7, logged into my account and got ready to make my reservation. This year Leo Carrillo threw me for a loop, they turned into "site specific" reservations instead of "first come first serve"! Lucky for me I know what spots are good, but unlucky for me those are the spots that everyone wants the most!! Well I sat there waiting for it to hit 8:00:01 so that I could reserve our site! And I GOT IT!!! So for July we are good to go, now I have to make reservations for August in February. I am already stressing about it because we need two sites this time! So I am going to have to recruit Danny to make a reservation, because since it's site specific now, by the time I finished making one reservation ALL and I mean ALLLLLLLLL the other spots I wanted were booked. Can you believe that? By 8:04 EVERY SINGLE Friday, Saturday, Sunday was booked!!!! So, now we need to do the reservations as groups cause one person can't do it all anymore. I am not too worried about the reservations for August and September, but I am VERY VERY worried about the reservations for July, August and September 2012 cause people that aren't too familiar with Leo Carrillo are going to go this summer and write down all the good spots so, I will be competing with even more people for my spots! Oh Leo Carrillo! How could you do this to me!? There are about 7 good spots in Leo Carrillo and if ONE other person wants the spot I want on the same weekend that I want it I am screwed! Well at least I got the best spot EVER for July. We will see what happens for August!
Wish me luck for February 1st!!!
(Here are some pictures from Leo Carrillo in 2010)

Oh I can't wait to lay out again!!! Summer can't come fast enough.

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Em said...

EMilia! I just love you! I totally agree I can't wait for summer or the sun! I need it!