Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Current Obsession

Currently I am OBSESSED with matryoshkas or babushka dolls (hence the new background). I want all fabrics with them, salt and pepper shakers, stickers, plates, etc... I just bought a Cricut cartridge solely for the 4 little matryoshkas it had! I have put them on (almost) every card I've made so far! They're too cute. Poor Danny, not only does he have to put up with my owl obsession, but now he has to put up with this obsession too. If only they made stuff with owls AND babushka dolls!!
Anywho currently my life has been a bit boring, my sewing machine broke about a month ago so I haven't been able to sew. I've been going crazy! Luckily I am dating the most AMAZING man on earth because my sweetheart of a man went out and got me a new sewing machine the other day! I am SO excited!! I made a skirt today and can't wait to make more things tomorrow. So, you will no longer have to put up with posts about my life. I can start posting about crafts again! Yay!!
I am going to go craft now! I'm going to go make my own matryoshkas/owl stuff. That's how I am going to get rich! Don't steal my idea.


Em said...

Emilia, thank you for being you! I always smile when I read your posts and you inspire me.

Steph said...

I LOVE matryoshkas! Alex even calls me Babushka (kind of a weird pet name since it means grandma or vieja). I'm so glad you like them too cause just the other day, I was talking about how much I love them and nobody understood. I want that Paisley Cricut Cartridge but it's a little too pricey. Where do you get your cartridges?

And look at this. I've been wanting to buy this for so long since I love to bake. They're perfect.

Craft/bake party soon?

Emilia said...

Awe thanks Em! I miss you. We need to do dinner again asap!

Steph! We totally speak the same language ha ha. I LOVE babushkas! I got my cartridges on HSN. I got them for like $20 to $30 each! It was a TOTAL steal!! At Christmas time they had everything on sale. PS I ordered like a Cricut tool kit and it came with the 12 x 6 cutting mats and I can't use them so come over soon so you can have them!! ha ha ha YES Let's get together VERY soon. We can make Valentine's Day crafts or something.

miss zaida said...

have you seen this?!