Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Danny!

A few weeks ago my dad called me and told me that he found the most AMAZING restaurant for Danny. He said he was driving to one of his projects and he passed all these old airplanes and he just knew Danny would love it. He was right! I took Danny there on his birthday and he was in awe. Not only were there old airplanes/airplane models all around the restaurant but it is literally next door to LAX so as you eat you get to watch all the planes land and take off! We were the only non-pilots there, but it was okay because Danny knows so much about airplanes that we didn't stick out too much. We can't wait to go back when it is a little bit warmer and sit outside in order to get a better view of the planes coming in!

Yay! Happy Birthday babe! I hope you had a good one! I love you. Thanks for being the best and most handsome boyfriend in the world!
PS: Please notice the amazing birthday sign I made for Danny with my new Cricut (that he got me for Christmas). Seriously the best boyfriend EVER!

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Erin said...

he got you a cricut! what a GREAT boyfriend!!!