Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Crafter by Day, Party Planner by Night!

 My friend Tanne is getting married, and she asked Mandy, Cami, Emily and I to throw her a bachelorette party. Tanne is more modest than most, so we knew that none of that regular bachelorette stuff would fly, so we thought that a nice, relaxed afternoon eating good food and being with good company would be much appreciated. Mandy was in charge of food, and she did the most wonderful job! The food was delicious, I couldn't stop eating! Cami was the host, she let us use her fabulous backyard to throw the party. It really is amazing, if she let's me I am going to throw my 25th birthday bash there! Emily was in charge of flowers and gathering all the vases, jars, lemonade stands and basically all the small things no one ever thinks about. She saved us! I was just in charge of decorations. I LOVE crafting, so making all the decorations was the most perfect task. I made a fringe garland, a triangle banner, a paper dots garland, and tissue paper fans. I was also in charge of the overall concept, so Emily and I worked hand in hand in doing the table decorations and layout. Here are pictures of all our hard work. I think we should be party planners!
I am obsessed with these tassel garlands! I put one up on my balcony, the other one is up in my room now! I am even making more for another party coming up!
Emily and I came up with the center pieces, but she picked out all the flowers! I thought it all came together so well. We found those bird houses at JoAnn's for $1!
I made these dot streamers with the help of my Cricut! But the paper fans I had to make myself.
Emily brought us this cute birdcage from her house.
The ceramic vase in the middle was my favorite.
We made strawberry lemonade and regular lemonade. We put strawberries in the strawberry lemonade and ice cubes with edible flowers in the regular lemonade. It would also work with mint leaves! Then as the ice melts the lemonade gets a little minty flavor. Yum!
You have to drink lemonade out of a mason jar and paper straw.

 In my book it's not a party unless there are crafts! I thought it would be cute to make metal stamped jewelery out of washers. The Relief Society in my home ward did them and they turned out so cute! I thought it would be a fun thing to do while we sat around chatting.

Cami set up the metal stamping area. She had such a cute idea of putting the stamps in a glass tray. I thought it was so cute!
As the girls left we gave them these little magnets that they could put on their fridge. Danny got me a PoGo two Christmases ago so I took pictures on my cell phone, then blue toothed it to the PoGo then stuck magnets on there and got the most adorable fridge magnets. I can't wait to do this again! 
Here are the girls hammering away.
More crafty girls!
After crafts it was time for games! The funniest game by far was Emily's ... it was called "How Babies are Made" and one person stands with a toilet paper roll in between their legs, and another person has a plunger or broom in between theirs. You stand across from each other the object is to get the toilet paper roll around the broom and bring it back to the original side. It was hilarious!
Page is embracing the game, I am pretty sure Tanne hated it.
Tanne is not letting that roll go anywhere.
Mandy and Tanne have been best friends their whole lives, so they didn't mind getting up close and personal in order to win the game!

 I think overall it was a good party! Good food, great people, and unforgettable times!

Me and the woman of the hour!
When we were at Girls Camp we joined a very secret and exclusive sorority called the G.R.'s and we've been best friends ever since. We had the best the best summer of our lives and I hope that we can all live close enough to each other that our girls one day go to Girls Camp together and form the same bonds we did.
The hottest hostess with the mostest!


Mrs. Ham said...

this is so charming! you pulled out a wonderful party! we must get together soon!

Em said...

Love love love it emilia! Great teamwork!

T n T = The Dynamite Couple said...

You're adorable. Thank you so so much for doing all of that! IT was so fun!

TBD said...

That game is downright hilarious