Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Me in Leo Carrillo

I made this knit skirt last week and I love it!

I decided to have a little photo shoot while in Malibu, Danny has his new camera now and I made a grey knit maxi skirt that fits in perfectly on the beach.

Let the photo shoot begin! This is me in make-up. Getting rosy cheeks the old fashion way.
We started up on the cliffs...
Then I wanted to take a picture in the spot Carrie sat in Sex and the City when she was listening to her voicemails in Mexico. She wasn't in Mexico, she was in Malibu!
Then down to the first cove for my curtsey pose. Gotta show off those tan legs before it fades!
This is in one of the coves.
Finally we ended on the main beach. The sun was gone but I refused to take off my sunglasses.
It was kinda cold by the end!

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Em said...

Emilia, I love you! You make me smile!