Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I've been going to Malibu since I can remember. We'd go to Leo Carrillo in June and August, and Malibu Creek in July. Now that we are older we just go to Malibu in July and August, and sometimes Danny and I will plan our own trip in September. We went in July and now we go back in 9 days! I can't wait to be back at the beach, laying out and catching up on my summer reads! 

Leo Carrillo has the best coves! They filmed She's All That in this very cove! When I was little I would always hang out here because Paul Walker was once here!
Steps leading down to the third cove. [Paul Walker actually walked on these! ... That's the 14 year old me talking]
This is what I do everyday while in Malibu...
...Everyone else does this.
We take Connect Four pretty seriously when we go camping.
Our campsite is our home by the beach for a short while!
A lot of movies that take place in Cabo are actually filmed right here! In Sex and the City, when they go on Carrie's Honeymoon, and she's sitting by the beach listening to her voice mails, she's actually sitting right above me! You can even see the lifeguard tower int he background.
Besides being an amazing beach, Leo Carrillo also has great art work. Like this bridge. Danny loves the bit about the eagle and the sting ray flying together. Only in a dream land like Malibu could that happen!
Not all the artwork is classy like the eagle and stingray mural...

I can't wait to go back in 9 days! Not only do I miss the beach, but I miss the food! Malibu has some of the most amazing seafood restaurants. I crave the fish from Malibu Seafood constantly. Best fish tacos in California! Lucky for me I get to eat them in less than two weeks. Yay!

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