Saturday, May 28, 2011

Midi and Maxi

I LOVE the maxi skirt trend that is happening right now! I wax my legs so now I have something to wear during those awful days where I am in between waxes! TMI? Possibly, but whatever it's my blog and I'll share what I want to share! I am planning on making a couple more maxi skirts before summer truly begins! I also love the midi skirts, I have to wear these with heels since I am a shorty! But it's worth it, because I think the length of these skirts are so great. I can't wait to make more midi skirts too! This will be the summer of glamorous skirts. I just know it!


Amy said...

Fabric and/or pattern sources?

Emilia said...

No pattern, just a basic full skirt, gathered at the waist with a side zipper. I'm sure there is a pattern out there that is very similar that you could use. Or grab the skirt piece from a pattern you already have and then add inches to the bottom so that it's maxi or midi length. I get almost all my fabric from JoAnn's. I don't know the fabric brands, I just grab whatever is in the red tag section or 50% off at that moment ha ha.