Saturday, May 28, 2011



The copy-cat strikes again! I saw this skirt at Madewell and I had to have it! It was SO cute, but I didn't want to spend $98 on something that I thought I could make! So, I ran to Jo-Ann's and M&L, found some chambray and made my very own chambray skirt!! I love how it turned out. I knew this was going to be my key summer skirt so after I finished making one out of chambray, I went ahead and made another one out of oxford! The chambray one is perfect for everyday running around, while the oxford one is a little fuller and heavier which makes it perfect for fun outings and parties! I am so happy with my skirts! I think everyone should go get/make one ... or two!

Above: Chambray. 
Below: Oxford.


Heather said...

What pattern did you use for this?

Emilia said...

Hi Heather, I actually didn't use a pattern for this skirt, which is probably why they don't look exactly they same ha ha. It's just a basic gathered skirt, the piece I made looks kind of like an A, only it has a bit more flare and the waist is slightly curved instead of just straight. Then I cut the front part down the middle and I folded the centers twice to create a facing on both front skirt pieces, then I gathered the skirt pieces, then added the waistband, then button holes, then buttons.
I know my instructions are probably confusing, and if you feel more comfortable using a pattern I am sure there is a pattern out there that is very similar to the skirt I made, It's a pretty basic skirt. I've seen it in all types of fabrics this season so I bet a pattern maker out there has crafted a pattern for a skirt with buttons down the middle. Good luck!

Heather said...

I love yours. you are completely inspiring! I may just need to try this..your instructions are rather simple actually. thanks!!