Monday, November 14, 2011

Beard-day Bash!

It was our friend Joey's birthday the other day and we decided to throw him a birthday party! Joey has had the most amazing beard ever since I can remember, so we decided to make it a Beard-Day instead of a Birth-Day! I made a bunch of beards for those who didn't have one of their own, and Danny and I came up with some fun beard themed games! Our friend Erika provided food and the location, and Joey's girlfriend Jill made the most AMAZING art to display around the house. I can't believe I know such talented people! The party was a total success! I had so much fun making decorations and helping to plan the party that I can't wait until the next one! Erika's birthday is next, I need to start thinking of a fun theme for her party! I am addicted to party planning!

Here are some pictures of how we decorated!

Jill made those great  paintings, and I made the bunting garland out of plaids. Joey is almost always in a plaid shirt so I felt that the fireplace was very Joey.
This was my favorite painting Jill made!
Beards I made for the party. They took me forever. I wish Cricut had a beard cartridge!
I thought it would be fun to drink our of mustache straws! These were really fun to make!
The cake Erika made.

We had fun games to play like "Name that Beard" and "Pin the Beard on Joey"

I had so much fun making this game!
Can you name these beards?
Pin the Beard on Joey! Danny went and photo shopped Joey's beard out and then printed out another picture and cut the beard out of that one. We laminated it and we were ready to play!

 So many of Joey's friends came out to honor him on his big day! They wore beards, they sang songs, they had a grand ol' time!

Joey had his own beard.
The boys bearding up!
Joey is in a band called The Steelwells, and almost all of the band members were there so we were surrounded by musical talent!
Group shot!

Joey asked for no gifts so instead we took the "Pin the Beard on Joey" picture and had everyone sign the beard! 

Here's what the beard looked like after everyone signed it. I thought it was a fun idea.

 We also started a new tradition at Erika's house. Marking the globe with our birth locations on our birthdays! Joey and I are the first! Next com's Erika, and then Danny! So fun!

Happy Beard-day Joey!

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