Thursday, November 17, 2011

Christmas Time is Here ...

Danny and I went on a Disneyland date tonight and got into the Christmas spirit early. We had dinner at King Fish in Orange, and then drove down to Disneyland to ride some rides, take some pictures, get some hot coco and watch the firework show. It was the perfect weekday date!

Disneyland looks so beautiful at Christmas time! When you walk in you're greeted with these beautiful decorations!
I LOVE the castle at Christmas time!

We thought it would be fun to go visit the reindeer, so off we went ....

Dancer is my favorite!
But Dasher comes in at a close second!
Everywhere we went was covered in lights and garlands and wreaths! It was too pretty!

After walking around enjoying the lights and riding rides with NO LINES we were off to get some hot chocolate to warm up and watch the fireworks!

The firework show is crazy!
After the fireworks it SNOWS!!
If you don't have a Dland pass I suggest you get one ASAP! No one does Christmas like Disneyland!

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