Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Frosted Window Panes ...

Almost all of the Christmas decorations are finished and up! I am working on a white paper garland, and I still need to finish some hand stitching on my Merry Christmas felt garland. This year we put colored lights on the tree and I LOVE it! We mixed big bulbs with small bulbs and I can't stop staring at it. I can't wait for Danny to put the outdoor lights up! Hopefully everything will be up by tomorrow! 

I LOVE colored lights, they make everything so much more festive.
I made these stockings last year, I think they are still good for one more year.
Yarn wreath from last year.
Danny's ornaments
My ornaments
Felt mushrooms I made last year. More to come this year!
Here is the banner I am working on right now. I still need to put the stitching on the letters
I think it's going to look pretty good. I will post when I am finished with it, along with the banner I copied so you can judge how close I got.
Ribbon wreath.
Since we have cats, we can't have a real tree because they like to climb all the way to the top, but no one ever knows we have a fake tree cause our house always smells like fresh balsam! I swear, last year a couple people even went up to my tree and touched it to make sure it wasn't real. This candle is amazing!
Here is one of the culprits! Look at his crazy eyes, he wants to attack the tree so bad!

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