Thursday, June 7, 2012

Danny's Peru Trip: Part III

One of their last stops in Peru was Lake Titicaca and a tour of the Reed Islands. We had heard that there was an island of LDS church members there and the boys wanted to visit them! When they got on their tour, it turned out that they weren't going to that island, but there was a church member on another island they were stopping at that could take them there. They ended up staying the night on the island!! They said it was cold and uncomfortable, and they'd never do it again, but they were glad they did it! I am glad they did it to, because the pictures Danny took there ended up being some of my favorites!

(Disclaimer! I edited these photos. They were not edited by Danny, he is working on editing them and I will do a post with his favorite shots soon!)

This little guy is so cute!

The boys helped put together a roof for a family while they were there.

The final product.

Since interest rates are so high in Peru, the people on the island all get together once a month and put in 200 sol for the lottery. They raffle it off and once you win you can't win again, but you can buy a boat or other things with the winnings and not have to take out a loan with crazy interest. I thought it was such a touching thing that the community did in order to help each other out. Danny captured a picture of the lottery in action. 

Kids going to school. Their uniforms are so beautiful.

More shots of the island.

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