Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Pet Expo

Danny and I LOVE animals. I love mainly baby animals cause they are all TOOOO cute! Every year there is a Pet Expo in Costa Mesa and we've been going for the past two! This year's Pet Expo was amazing, they had a ton of celebrity dogs there! Stella from Modern Family was there, and Uggie from The Artist was there too!!!! I was in Pet heaven! Here are some pictures from the event...

 The girls loved the Mini Horse

 This was the JUMP show! These dogs loved jumping into the water.

These were some talented dogs!

 It was so fun to see these dogs leap for the Frisbee!

Dance Party TIME!!

This was my favorite dog! I need to own him!!! 

There were also farm animals at the Pet Expo! Baby pigs are too cute. 

 Celebrity Dog Show! There's Uggie showing us his tricks! I tried to get a picture of him doing his bashful trick, but I was too slow!


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