Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Unique LA

While Danny was in Peru my friend Jill was nice enough to take me out! She was going to this amazing craft/art/clothing show in LA called Unique LA! It was like a real life Etsy shop but almost every show there was local!! There were the most amazing bags, and the most delicate jewelry. I found a gold heart necklace that has become my most favorite piece of jewelry! They had all kinds of treats, like smores cupcakes and gluten free brownies! They also had beautiful art! I wanted so many pieces, I should have brought more cash!!!! Lucky for me the Summer Show is coming on July 14 and 15 in Santa Monica. You HAVE to go! You won't regret it! And bring TONS and TONS of cash, cause you are going to want to buy EVERYTHING!!!! Eva Franco was even there selling her dresses for about 40% off. It was too amazing. 
Since Danny was in Peru I only had my cell phone to capture the event. So this is an Instagram post. Sorry!

They had little craft tables set up and you could make jewelry, paper flowers, or cards. It was so much fun!

My bracelet!

I wanted to get these glasses for Danny! They were made out of wood, and I thought they were so cool. Every single pair was different!

All the booths were decorated in SUCH a cute way. This was a stationary store, they had such funny cards and art work. 

 Jill and I both bought earrings from this store. They were so cute. If she is there again in July I want to get more!

 I hope to see you at their Summer show!! 

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