Friday, September 23, 2011

Danny's Favorite Vacation

Danny's work has been stressing him out big time this month so, when he had a nervous break down we decided that maybe we should get him out of town and away from cell service. His sister, Jessica, is working at a resort up in Bishop this summer, and she said we could come up and visit her for a quick weekend trip. We needed that fresh mountain air!
While we were up there Danny knew about this ghost town about an hour and a half away from Bishop called Bodie. It was amazing. At one point 10,000 people lived there and only 5% of the buildings are still standing. Bodie was huge! I can't believe how many buildings are still standing frozen in time. My only other experience with a ghost town had been with Calico, and that's mostly all restored. This is an ACTUAL ghost town, when you look inside the windows of the buildings it looks like people just up and left in a hurry. It kind of creeped me out, and I am pretty sure there is a ghost in one of my pictures! Just kidding, I don't believe in ghost, but if I did I bet this town would've been 100 times more fun for me! Cause it was crazy!
Get ready for a million pictures!
En-route to Bishop!

Our Bodie tour begins!

This was one of my favorite buildings. I think it was a hotel.

I wore my sandals to Bodie cause I thought it was going to be something like Calico, and then it turns out I had to walk a TON. Thank goodness I left my vans in Danny's car and was able to put those on!

Bodie Chapel

All I kept thinking was, "I am SO GLAD I left my Vans in Danny's car!!"

Danny really loves this picture

Inside the general store

This was my favorite bar. In it's heyday it had more than 60 bars and it was "second to none in wickedness" Apparently there were a lot of saloons, brothels, and killings happened almost daily. I am glad I don't live in 1881.
Taking a break from all the walking, thank goodness I had my Vans!

Inside one of the bars.

Trecking up Green street to get a good view of the town.

Jessica calls this picture our "90's sitcom" shot. I love it ha ha

I loved the Green St sign.
One of my favorite things about this ghost town was the inside of the houses. I LOVED the wall paper. It was amazing.

This is my ghost picture!

Out of Bodie and heading back to Bishop for dinner!

** Danny refuses to be in pictures, I think that's why he bought a camera, so that he could always just hide behind the lens! One day I will get a nice camera and I will just shoot him shooting people! I will get him to be in pictures if it's the last thing I do!!

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Mrs. Ham said...

that the craziest place i've seen! i think we shall return together! i wish tanner would take some pics of me. i always have to ask...umm hey can you make it look like i was here too? haha