Saturday, September 3, 2011

International Street Fair

Every year Orange does an International Street Fair at the Orange Circle. They have little booths up selling things around the circle, and then down each street they have different food booths from different countries. 
It started on Friday and it goes until Sunday, I knew that it would be crazy so, I told Danny that we need to go on the first day, get their right when it starts and enjoy it while there aren't that many people. 
The fair started at 5pm on Friday, we left my house at 5:20pm, we paid $10 to park right in front of the fair, and made it about 30 minutes before the crowds started rolling in. 

We got to eat Australian potatoes, Italian pizza and Italian meatball sandwiches with no crowds, but once we hit the English fish and chips booth the crowds were crazy! The English chips were the best! Once we finished that I was ready for dessert and I wanted to go to the All-American street to get funnel cake! That's when the crowds really got crazy! But I love funnel cake so, I stood in the longest line I had seen so far and waited to get my yummy dessert!

It was fun to visit all the booths from different counties, I wasn't brave enough to try any of the sausages, I feel that being from Argentina it doesn't get any better than a Choripan! : ) No German or Polish sausage could compare! Maybe next year I should put up an Argentine booth and serve Choripan and Milanesa, I would make a killing!

So many people!
Here is a shot of the skirt I made the other day, I thought this would be the perfect place to show it off!
Standing on line for funnel cakes! It wrapped around the corner!
I couldn't stop eating it! It was so yummy!
Here is another shot of my skirt. This is my new favorite skirt style, I want to make one in every color.