Thursday, September 1, 2011

Phoebe's Blessing

Danny's sister asked me to do the decorations for her cute little baby's baby blessing last week.  I LOVE making decorations! They're so fun, I just put on the Martha Stewart Show or Big Brother and fold tissue paper and hot glue things!  I am really loving the tissue paper garlands right now, I make them all the time. I can't wait for the holidays cause I think Halloween tissue paper garlands and Christmas garlands will look SO cute. 

For Phoebe's party I made new tissue paper garlands and bought some paper lanterns, then I reused some decorations I made for my friend Tanne's Bachelorette party. Everything looked so cute! I wish this was my job! 

Danny was taking pictures at the party, he didn't really get good pictures of the decorations, but here's what we got!
Here are the tissue paper garlands. There was another strand hanging by the entrance. I am just obsessed
We had these paper lanterns hanging in the trees and over the food. You can never have too many paper lanterns!
These flowers were Bonnie's idea, she's only 5 and she already has amazing decorating ideas!
Danny did however take really cute pictures of his nieces and nephews!
Handsome Clyde
Clara looks so pretty, even with frosting on her face!
I thought this picture was so cute!

When everyone left we took a couple of family shots, there were too many cute ones, but these are some of my favorites...

Like I said before, there were so many cute family shots, but I really liked this one by the red door. I thought the lighting was fun, and even though Bonnie wasn't looking at the camera I still think it looks really cute.
We took some shots of Ryan with his girls, I LOVED this one. It shows Bonnie's fun personality. Look at cute little Phoebe in the middle! She's the best little baby!

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