Friday, September 23, 2011

Last Day of Summer + A New Skirt

It was the last day of summer on Thursday, so what better way to celebrate than by going to Halloweentime at Disneyland and help usher in the fall! I've been sewing like crazy, so I thought I'd wear one of my new skirts and take pictures while at Disneyland. Well, Disneyland was so empty that we ended up just running around and riding all the rides and didn't get to take that many pictures. Here's the best of what we were able to shoot. Hope you can see the skirt, I think it's so cute.  I got two compliments on it while at Disneyland! One from the lady checking us out of the park, and one from a girl who works at Apricot Lane. The girl who works at Apricot Lame actually asked me where I got the skirt, so then I was able to say, "I made it!" She was actually a student at FIDM so, I let her know how I made it and she said she is going to give it a try! My inspiration from this skirt is a skirt from Jcrew, only the skirt from Jcrew was made out of wool! It's not cold enough for wool, so I made mine out of linen.


Erin said...

I just saw a girl post about this skirt (the jcrew one) and I have to say, you're is cuter :) And I'm assuming WAY cheaper (in price). You should do tutorials so new sew-er's like me can learn from your expertise :)

Mrs. Ham said...

seriously get a life and stop sewing! ha i just really say that because i'm jealous of your excelling in sewing while i just drool over your posts and wonder when i'm gonna be able to make that myself. miss you. tanner is gone this weekend, but really we neeeeed to get together!

Erin said...

i cant believe how long your hair has gotten.
please come to KY and be my personal seamstress.
love that skirt, have been lusting over it on jcrew!