Sunday, July 14, 2013

Fourth of July!

I LOVE the Fourth of July so much! I love the sun, I love hot dogs, and I LOVE fireworks! This year we celebrated a day early by going to Disneyland and seeing their Fourth of July firework show! Then the next day we went over to my moms and went swimming, had a BBQ, and then came back to our place to watch the firework show they put on down the street at the college and to do some sparklers! This year I ordered the fancy sparklers people get for weddings, I am sick of the ones they sell at the stands. They are all smoke and no sparkle! It was by far one of my most FAVORITE Fourth of July's I've ever had. I will say, however, that the two years we went to Big Bear for the Fourth of July still hold the "Best Firework Show" title! That show is incredible! Everyone must see it, especially from the water. The reflection of the fireworks against the lake is a sight to be seen!

This has nothing to do with the 4th, but the topiaries looked so beautiful that day.
Disney's 4th of July firework show is pretty good!
The goods. Sparklers and Giant Balloons. The party was coming together.
Jill and I being festive and getting some sun!
Joey and Jill came over and they brought these rafts. I sat in them all day! And the whole weekend :)
It was packed at the stadium! 
There was a guy that lived behind the stadium that spent a lot of money on really amazing fireworks. He lit a bunch during the Star Spangled Banner, and it was AMAZING! I need to be his friend.
Danny got creative with his photography skills during the firework show.
Time to play with sparklers!!
Note to self: Don't dot the "i's" it makes it too messy!

I spent the week of Fourth of July making Fourth of July outfits. Here you see fabric for three shirts and a dress. I wore the red stripe on Tuesday, Blue stripe on Wednesday to Disneyland, and the Red and White Chevron on the 4th. I was very festive all week!!

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