Friday, July 12, 2013

Playing Catch-up: Honeymoon Part I

Where would two Disneyland lovers go on their honeymoon?? They would go to Disneyworld!! And that's exactly where we went! We spent a few days in Disneyworld and then we headed down to West Palm Beach and stayed on Singer Island. A family friend has a house out there, and they let us stay there! We are so lucky! It was the most beautiful island, the weather was PERFECT, I got nice and tan in February. I dream about going back! 

We started our trip in Disneyworld. We stayed at the New Orleans Hotel. It was beautiful, surrounded by little rivers that had boats that took you anywhere. Plus, the whole place was basically empty! It was amazing. No lines and no crowds. 

Our Hotel 

 Our first stop was a restaurant we'd read about. It's called, T-Rex! It's exactly like The Rainforest Cafe, but better because it's dinosaurs!!

The inside was AMAZING! Look at this aquarium. 
We went back our last night there, it was a bit more crowded this time, but it was still so fun.
Our next stop was The Wild Animal Kingdom and Epcot!
This was our favorite ride! Everest. It was amazing.
Danny was excited to ride the Dinosaur ride. It was pretty fun!

After the Animal Kingdom is was off to Epcot.

We had lunch in Italy. All of the people working at the restaurants and stores from Italy! It was so fun!
Morocco. If I could have any style of home it would be a Moroccan home. I love the open courtyards in the middle with the dipping pool right tin the center. I'm obsessed.
"Oh, how fitting, the American place is under construction" - Danny
I LOVED Paris! It was so cute. 
We rode Mission: Space and I thought I was going to die. I was so sick afterwards. 
We stayed to watch the fireworks. They were so pretty reflecting off the water. 

 The next stops were Hollywood Studios and The Magic Kingdom!

Florida Loves Dinosaurs 

I loved all the lots

 Next Stop: Magic Kingdom!

Our first stop was to have lunch at the Be Our Guest resturant. I saw it on The View a few weeks earlier and I knew that at some point in my life I'd have to eat there, lucky for me that time was NOW!

It looked JUST like the movie inside of the dining hall
We had "Happily Ever After" Pins so everyone knew we had just gotten married. They all went completely OUT OF THEIR WAY for us. Our waiter brought us out every dessert on the menu. They were so good. Cupcakes and Cream Puffs. Delicious. 
The restaurant consists of three dining halls. You have the main hall with the chandeliers and the giant windows that look out to the mountains, they make it snow all day outside so you feel like you're in the movie! Then you have Bell's Library dining hall, and the Beast's Layer, where is rose floats! 

I bought my first pair of Mini Ears at Dinseyworld!
The castle is my FAVORITE. In fact when Danny and I got back we went to Disneyland and that castle looked ITTY BITTY! I am still disappointed when I go to Disneyland and see the caste. Disneyworld's castle ruined Disneyland's castle
We rose Thunder Mountain twice because the one at Disneyland is closed, and will be until Fall. So, we got it out of our systems at Disneyworld. 
They still had the Peoplemover!!!!!
We kicked up our feet and had a little rest.
Danny hates being in pictures, but he was a good sport here.
When I found out that they still did the Electrical Parade at Walt Disneyworld I told Danny we had to stay and watch it. It was so fun.

I love Alice!

We had such a fun time! Everyone kept giving us their best wishes and congratulating us, the friendliest  people ever! They made us feel so special and made the first part of our Honeymoon so wonderful.

Next stop was West Palm Beach!

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