Sunday, July 14, 2013

San Diego Zoo Trip 2013

Danny's sister Jessica moved down to San Diego a few years ago, we really miss her being around, but we also secretly love it because we can go visit her and then go to the San Diego Zoo!!! Danny likes to go to the Zoo when it's a bit chilly, that way the animals are more active. We went on a good day, it wasn't too cold or too hot and we got to see a lot of animals.

One of my favorite things about the San Diego Zoo are the sky buckets!!!!! I love the view you get when you're up there. It's so beautiful and I love that old building that was built for the Panama-California Exhibition of 1915 (I have no idea what it's called, but it is a beautiful building). From what I understand that building was built and the animals were brought over for the Panama-California Exhibition, and then they were just left there and that's how the Zoo was created. I could be 100% wrong, so don't quote me.
Jessica and I checking out the giraffes! We wore the same sunglasses, so you know we both have amazing taste : )
The lady told us that three of the tortoises they have at the San Diego Zoo are from the original Panama-California Exposition! 
I really wanted to see/hear the Lion roar, or even just see him with his eyes open! They're always asleep, those darn cats. 
The sky buckets!!!!
The view on the sky buckets via my Instagram
Jessica took this picture of us on the sky buckets.
Danny on the buckets
Me on the buckets

We LOVE the Zoo, and we can't wait to go back once it gets cold again!!

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